Premier's Games Appeal : 2oc Productions
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Premier’s Games Appeal


The 2015 Premier’s Olympic Dinner is still regarded as one of the most innovative gala events seen in Adelaide. The entire event theme was delivered using projection mapping and large scale blends. 16 projectors covering 156m of white walls allowed us to turn the space into the interior of a 1920s DC3 plane. As the plane took off, out of the windows projection mapping had guests literally looking at the runway at Adelaide Airport, across the city and the hills until we broke through the clouds. Throughout the night this enormous surface allowed us to have enormous fun – travel videos of the destination filled the space, our welcome messages were presented from the cockpit and the most tingling moment was when Bruce McAvaney’s commentary supported a full room wrap of incredible Australian Olympic moments.

This event was made for 2oc – it required a depth of technical knowledge to tie in with their creative strength to deliver the result. It also allowed for their personalities to shine with little moments of entertainment gold…during meal service high above the clouds we had a lot of fun as our sponsors were shown in fun ways. A modern day Toll plane flying past, the 7 logo being pulled by a DeLorean or just a quick grab of Wally in the clouds….because if we can’t laugh at a gala event – what’s the point!

Kathryn Lee, Principal – Lumino Events